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Getting mobility products (MWCs, PWCs) paid through Medicare can be a challenging task. Especially, with the introduction of several new Medicare initiatives such as:

  • Medicare review of the first claim for serial claims (Group 2 Standard PWCs, MWCs)
  • Prior Authorization as Condition of Payment for most PWC bases starts in September 2018
  • Group 1 & 2 PWCs can be provided by “any willing provider” as of January 1, 2019


The Mobility Consultants can assist your company get reimbursed for the mobility products you provide through our Audit GUARD program.

Some of the reasons and benefits of using Audit GUARD are:

  • Save time by receiving PA approvals on initial submission
  • Protect your company from costly denials & overpayments
  • Ensure payment for Representative Payee Clients (not eligible for PA)
  • Medicare Prior Authorization (PA) and Advanced Determination of Medicare Coverage (ADMC) is NOT a guarantee your claim will be paid or your monies cannot be recouped in an audit CERT, ZPIC, RAC
  • Medicare will soon start doing a first claim review on serial claims (Group 2 Standard PWCs, MWCs) - Save time by receiving approvals on initial submission
  • Prior Authorization as Condition of Payment for most PWC bases starts in September 2018 – Accessories do not receive a determination (Audit GUARD Lite)


The Mobility Consultants will provide that second set of eyes to ensure your documentation meets all the necessary requirements (medical necessity and statutory requirements). We are confident that when we approve a file, you will get PAID and KEEP your monies in an audit!

Prescreens are backed by our $1 Million Error & Omissions Policy – if Medicare doesn’t reimburse* for a file we approved, we have you covered.

* After the appeal process


If you would be interested in receiving a no obligation proposal on the Audit GUARD program offered by The Mobility Consultants, please send an email to


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